Heikki Photography... "The process of recording images on sensitized material by the action of light".
Whether this means capturing an unforgettable family moment or the world's intimate spectacle of natural beauty, Heikki loves the challenge.

As a keen traveller and wildlife enthusiast, the passion for photography and the added interest in the technical aspects of cameras make photography one of Heikki's favorite pastimes.

Heikki would like to invite you... To share some of his favorite moments through his selection of photos on this website.


Jan Fascinated by the beauty of the world, Jan decided to buy a camera and freeze the most stunning moments around the globe. Of course this doesn't always work out. A lot of determination and patience is necessary in many different situations.

Jan dislikes carrying around with that tri-pod and heavy camera gear... but at the end of the journey it was always worth the extra effort. Hope you can enjoy his suffering :)


Stijn By travelling around the world Stijn became passionate about photography. By watching the beauty of nature, the passion arose to capture the most beautiful moments.

In his mission to the ideal photo, Stijn already visited a lot of different locations. From hiking in the mountains to exploring the jungle to visiting cities, he tries everything to accomplish his goal.


Filip Armed with a tri-pod and a Nikon camera, Filip is always in search for the perfect spot to make a photo. In this journey he often has to overcome obstacles a normal person would not survive.

It's no secret that he has deceived the security at Capitol Hill to make his shot. He almost drowned while shooting the Golden gate bridge and he even ran into an alligator once.